Tobacco Factory Theatres: Bringing the brand to life


Moving forward with our bespoke typeface and logo system, we set out to establish an overview of how the various brand elements could sit together in a cohesive visual language. We did this through style tiles of mock leaflets, brochure covers and stationery.

Testing in print

“The brochure design helped to finalise the details of the visual identity, helping us create design patterns and conventions”

“We tell epic stories in small spaces” – we had this line from the Tobacco Factory Theatres’ core beliefs as our guide for the use of imagery, and the brochure cover was a perfect chance to explore how we could create a visual language that shows off the imagery from the current season, without relying too much on a single headlining show.


We used the Aug/May edition of the brochure for our first experiments with the Assembly typeface in printed form alongside imagery. It was a great opportunity to fully test the scope of the new typeface, ensuring that it worked in the wild and iron out an issues that arose in the process. Designing the brochure helped to finalise the details of the visual identity, creating design patterns and conventions that we could apply across all the brand touchpoints and applications.

As we began to establish that we wanted the printed materials to show off immersive imagery, we needed a very stripped back brand palette to bring a sense of balance to the brand.

TFT_StyletileAs we developed the details of the brochure, we were choosing accompanying typefaces that take digital application into account. Can it be used on the web easily? This was part of our reasoning for choosing Karla as a body font.

Building signage and way-finding

When it came to the interior signage and way-finding we found that our Assembly typeface scaled effortlessly, as we had hoped. That’s when it really began to shine. From 3mx3m stairwell graphics to light-boxes and information signs across the building, the typeface – in both Outline and Regular weights – was adaptable enough to work across all the different applications.

The sharp angles and geometric shapes of the sans-serif worked in harmony with the exposed brick and steel interior of the building. We worked closely with our friends at Hello Blue on the print and installation and with local fitters on the build of a new reception area.

Below is a video which offers a snapshot of the design and installation process:


Working across digital platforms

We created a digital version of Assembly with social icons and arrows hidden in the glyphs and minor alterations to its kerning

It was crucial for us that the new visual identity and typeface transferred seamlessly to digital. To make sure that this happened we created a digital version of Assembly with social icons and arrows hidden in the glyphs and minor alterations to its kerning. This helped with legibility across desktop and mobile, and page-load times. We were also able to re-create the logotype using live text rather than images that would affect loading time on older devices.

When choosing accompanying fonts for the identity we had already chosen the Google font Karla with the website in mind, which meant we didn’t have to compromise on loading speed or find a web-ready alternative.


When it came to the website, we had to design a stripped back alternative to the image cut-outs that you see through the letters of the brochure, due to the coding difficulties it creates and bespoke nature of each appearance. We managed to get across the same visual language through image backgrounds, simple gradients for legibility and tilted text over the top.


“Fiasco Design showed a great enthusiasm for our organisation and this project from an early stage and worked hard to get to know us. The work they’ve done on our visual identity was a fantastic ‘growing up’ of our brand; retaining our heritage whilst giving us a fresh and versatile look when applied to our brochure, our shiny new website and the branded front of house design.”Ali Robertson, Director, Tobacco Factory Theatres

Have a look at the final identity in print OR check out the new look website