Bristol Grammar School

An expressive new visual identity steeped in tradition

We worked with Bristol Grammar School to conceive a brand identity for their new, state of the art, performing arts centre.

We were approached by Bristol Grammar School and asked to create a logo mark and visual identity for a new, cutting edge, performing arts centre. The new theatre and performing arts centre was named 1532 – after the year the school was founded.

With this merging of old and new, we decided to design a mark that visually referenced typography and moveable type of the 15th century. Our aim was to give it a modern feeling that reflected the themes expression and movement through the use of curves and cuts to the characters.

The visual identity was developed using harsh crops of the mark to create a dramatic look and feel along with a rich colour palette that references the school colours.

  • 1532 theatre branding
  • 1532 Letterhead design
  • theatre branding
  • 1532 Tote bag design