Aardman Digital

Character designs for BBC Bitesize animations

Working with the team at Aardman Digital, we created a series of characters which featured in 21 different interactive flash games for BBC Bitesize.

We were approached by the team at Aardman Digital and asked to create some character concepts that they could use for a series of flash animations they were putting together for the BBC Bitesize website. The brief was to work up some ideas based on the character moodboards and initial concepts provided into a strong direction for the Aardman animators to work from. The characters needed to fit in with the environments already conceptualised by the team and appeal to a Key Stage 3 audience.

Working under the direction of the creative directors at Aardman, we worked up some concepts from the moodboards provided. Following some initial sketches, it was clear that the direction wasn’t quite right. The consensus was that we needed to simplify down the characters and make them more stylised. We proceeded to work up a number of simplified shapes and facial features until we had a template from which we could develop the characters further. We created a series of final characters which included a town mayor, a fisherman, a bakery owner, a pig farmer and an arable farmer    which could then be used by the animators as a style guide for the rest of the animations characters and assets.

The outcome was 21 new interactive flash animations for Key Stage 3 Geography students for BBC Bitesize. You can see the full set of animations on the BBC Bitesize website here.

Aardman bitesize characters
  • Aardman initial sketch development

    Initial sketches based on the moodboards supplied by Aardman.

  • Aardman character development

    Initial character designs following the decision to simplify the original sketches down.

  • Aardman character development

    We explored a number of different body shapes to see how far we could push the template we'd created.

  • Aardman Key stage 3 geography stills

    Working with a number of the more successful body shapes we began to explore expressions and facial features.

  • aardman character development
  • Character development

    It was important to explore how the relationships between the characters would work.

  • Aardman environment shots

    Initial environment tests.

  • Aardman bitesize characters

    Final set of characters which would be used by the animators as a style guide. Characters included a town mayor, a fisherman, a local baker, a pig farmer and an arable farmer.

  • Aardman Key stage 3 geography stills

    Stills from the Tourism key stage learning animation.

  • Aardman Animation Characters

    Stills from the Awesome Areas Key Stage animation.