City Church

Branding a church for the city of Bristol

We devised an adaptable grid system with a visual styling that could give City Church the voice it needs through bold, simple messages.

City Church is a community; a home to people of all ages, political beliefs and stages of faith that represent several congregations from across the city of Bristol. City Church needed a bold, modern, brand free from religious cliches and that its members — who range from 8-80 years old — could be proud of.

It was clear right from the start that City Church was looking for something modern and impactful, which could speak directly to the people of Bristol. We decided that a text system should be the focus of the brand; an adaptable grid that could give City Church the voice it needs through bold, simple messages. This system would also allow volunteers to take on the future application of the brand; an absolute necessity for creating a consistently recognisable voice.

This text system starts with the logo itself, incorporating the different locations in the city, whilst allowing room to add more as the church grows. This then forms the basis for campaign imagery and billboards etc.

For the visual style, we found a midpoint between stained-glass windows and stencils which nicely marry together the visual heritage of the church and Bristol’s underground culture. Bristol, being known for its street art, is also an old port city which led us to create a set of bold icons to bookend phrases with a hint of nautical flag styling.

Finally, the ‘C’ marque collects all of these styles together in a simple icon that can be enjoyed and worn as a badge of honour across the various church communities.

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