Bringing the joy for experiential events company

Bakehouse are an award-winning experiential events company. We helped them to bring their infectious energy and playfulness to life through a moving visual identity – full of intrigue and surprises.

Bakehouse are an award-winning experiential events company that serve up unforgettable, immersive theatrical experiences. We were tasked to give them a unifying visual language that would stand proud and still express the craft, magic and subversive nature of the theatrical experiences they create.

Bakehouse are exquisite storytellers and are experts in the art of bringing joy. We wanted to inject this energy and playfulness into the visual identity, so we devised the idea of ‘pop-up joy’. The visual language of the brand would combine the sensible with the subversive. At every touchpoint we played on the contrast between static and moving visuals to create surprising interactions.

To illustrate this idea we devised a series of logos that explode into life through animation. Whether in print or online, Bakehouse have a series of logos they can use for different applications and settings.

As well as their brand identity, we created a new and easier-to-use website to clearly communicate their values and extensive portfolio of work. This is where the pop-up joy aspect  really comes alive with not only subtle animations across the website, but also in the logo itself.

  • Bakehouse branding business cards