Forum for the Future

Building a digital hub, tracking sustainability trends

Building a cleaner, more communal Futures Centre to help crowd-source signals of change that point to emerging sustainability trends.

The Futures Centre is run by Forum for the Future,
 an independent non-profit working globally with
 businesses, government and other organisations to solve complex sustainability challenges. We built the new Futures Centre to help crowd-source potential signals of change that point to emerging sustainability trends.

The styling of the site needed to be accessible, while also authoritative and scientifically focussed, as well as noticeably maintaining visual ties with the Forum for the Future website.

We opted for a clean and simplified approach to the layout of the website. The content was split aesthetically by categories within the design, underpinned by a detailed responsive grid. This way, we were able to overcome the challenge of separating content types along with important call-to-actions for users like the newsletter sign-up or registering a profile.

The site is designed to be as easy as possible to engage with and sign-up to, with the help of social media registration that allows users to submit content and links in as few a clicks as possible.

Take a look at the Futures Centre site and get inspired to help create more sustainable futures.

“The site is looking great and we’ve had lots of very positive initial feedback from our users. Thank you to you and all the team for your sterling efforts, we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Neil Gunn, Head of Digital at Forum for the Future

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