Penguin Books UK

Gods and Warriors book site

We were commissioned by Penguin Books UK to create a book site for the critically acclaimed children’s book series Gods & Warriors by author Michelle Paver.

Gods and Warriors is the next series from internationally bestselling author Michelle Paver, creator of Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, the final book of which won the 2010 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.

We were approached by Penguin Books UK and asked to pitch creative concepts for an online consumer facing portal to showcase the books in the series and engage with new and existing fans. As well as engaging with Michelle’s fan base Penguin also wanted to show off content from the books, run competitions and capture newsletter data for a mailing list.

After submitting a series of proposed visuals for the site as well as a proposal of intent, Penguin awarded us with the work and asked that we build on our pitch concept.

We knew that our main audience of 9-12 year-olds were going to use the website in a new way to most of our other clients. Extra importance was placed on producing a site that would look striking on tablet devices as Michelle’s readers are likely to be visiting the Gods and Warriors website via desktop and tablet devices, alongside reading the novels, which could also be in a digital format.

To maintain continuity the site builds on the aesthetic of the dramatic book covers, while making the most of large screens to build atmosphere and immerse audiences.

Where possible we have used textures and brought depth to the site with shadows to dull some of the digital edge that comes as default along with code, as well as paying attention to the small details like the cursor to help create a complete digital world.

View the full website here.