Iconography for an online people search tool

People search engine wholi needed a robust and versatile design system for icons and pictograms that would compliment their new brand identity.

Startup company Wholi is a free people search management tool. Wholi simplifies finding people, managing the process for you to help figure out who’s the right fit.

With their branding already in place, our challenge was to create a set of pictograms and iconography system that felt distinctive to the brand.

We started by focusing on the elements of the identity that were already in place, honing in primarily on the logo and deconstructing each character in to simple shapes. We then used these shapes as building blocks, reconnecting the pieces into icons and extensively testing various combinations, at various sizes to see which work the best.

We devised a flexible and comprehensive set of guidelines using a bespoke grid and a few basic rules. The grid system ensures that any icons created now or in the future will look like a part of the same family, no matter who puts them together.