Larmer Tree Festival

Illustration-led visual identity for award-winning festival

We were brought onboard to spruce up the Larmer Tree Festival visual identity. We gave the logo a lick of paint, the typography a subtle hand-printed feel and a full suite of hand-drawn illustrations. The new identity was then rolled out across the festival programme, promotional print materials, merchandise, digital adverts and the website.

When we went to visit the Larmer Tree Festival grounds we knew right away what they needed. Set in the fantastically British/Indian colonial stylings of the Larmer Tree Gardens, in the heart of the Cranborne Chase, the Larmer Tree Festival is known for it’s eclectic, all-age quirky joy. Peacocks roam freely around the maze-like gardens; which are full of hidden waterfalls and unusual plant-life under the covering of impressive green canopies. Mythical statues and mini temples pop up over hedges and around every corner. It’s littered with intrigue.

We felt that the Larmer Tree Festival branding had lost the intrigue and home-grown quirkiness of this charming festival, and so we set out to make them “the happiest, friendliest, quirkiest festival in the land.”

For this full rebrand we worked with illustrator Gill Chantler to capture the eccentric Britishness of the gardens. With her cheerfully choppy style, Gill brought the hands-on, home-grown Larmer Tree approach to every aspect of the identity – right from the logo to the deepest darkest error 404 pages of the website. With a whole suite of plant-life and festival ephemera to intricately weave together, we created an identity that is always “looking-in” through illustrated garden scenes. Every aspect of the brand is surrounded by overgrowing plant-life, it beckons you into the content and stokes the same intrigue that the gardens naturally create.

With a few nips and cuts, we spruced up their beloved peacock mascot to make him feel like he’s walked right out of the garden illustrations. We gave the logotype and typography a subtle hand-printed feel to match. And of course, we couldn’t resist giving the body type an exotic touch to give it that colonial feel.

To experience the Larmer Tree Festival website in all its glory, click here.


  • Larmer Tree Gardens

    The beautiful British/Indian colonial styled Larmer Tree Gardens which we used as inspiration for the new identity

  • Larmer Tree Festival

    The newly polished Larmer Tree Festival logo with hand drawn peacock symbol and customised logotype

  • Larmer Tree Festival
  • Larmer Tree Festival 2016 programme

    Larmer Tree Festival 2016 programme

  • Larmer Tree Festival poster

    A3 line-up poster used to promote the festival