Spoke & Stringer

Bespoke hand rendered logo design

With the Spoke and Stringer brand we were asked to create a typographic logo that stayed true to the origins of both custom motorcyles and surfing culture.

Spoke & Stringer are a start-up lifestyle brand that fully embrace Bristol’s ride culture. They recently launched a cafe and shop in the heart of Bristol’s bustling harbourside, that celebrates the spirit of outdoor living. The new venture also forms part of Bristol’s growing movement of local food and independent restaurants. Spoke & Stringer also run an online blog that champions their love for custom motorcycles, surfboards, apparel and other aspects of ride culture.

We were commissioned to create a typographic logo for Spoke & Stringer that was loyal to the origins of both custom motorcycle and surf culture.

After spending some time researching motorcycle and surfing paraphernalia we decided that we wanted to create an authentic logo with a handmade look and feel. We referenced hand painted biker graphics and experimented with different hand drawn typefaces in order to create a bespoke logo which was versatile enough to be printed onto vinyl, clothing or packaging.

To read more about Spoke & Stringer or to read the blog, follow the link here.