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Interactive, audio-visual website

We created an interactive site to support Thom Sonny Green’s album launch, by bringing together both audio and visual elements to create a living online experience for both Thom and his fans.

We were commissioned to create a website that could support Thom Sonny Green through the pressures of being on tour whilst also creating an online experience for his fans. This would also coincide with the launch of his new solo album, High Anxiety.

Thom Sonny Green – musician, producer,  DJ and drummer for alternative band alt-J – wanted us to build an interactive site that utilises both audio and visual elements for users to play with, manipulate and create their own versions of his sounds.

The user is able to play, pause and control the speed of each looping sound within the track, meaning they can create their owns sounds as they mix different parts together. It also ensures the user feels a part of the evolution of the website.

Each track is accompanied by one of 21 abstract visuals that Thom created in collaboration with Nicola Farnan which are randomly selected both on the page load and when the user clicks through to next/previous tracks. These visuals are designed to support the audio and are linked to the same controls that play and pause the tracks.

The site was designed to fit comfortably alongside Thom’s album artwork and had to fit onto one page. Therefore, we employed a custom responsive layout to generate the best experience possible across the supported platforms.

“When we conceived this website with Thom Sonny Green we were very aware that whilst it was an easy concept to explain, it would be a very tricky one to realise within the confines of a web browser. In that respect Fiasco have risen to the challenge and delivered the final proposition as we had envisaged it. Working with them has been a painless experience with the company being unafraid to chase us to ensure plans remain on track – something we certainly welcomed! Complex builds like this require close and careful management, and that’s exactly what Fiasco delivered”

 View the site and play with the sounds by visiting