ITK London

Branding and user interface design for geo-location app

We were commissioned to design a distinctive brand mark, visual identity, icons and user interface for Trovi London, a unique geo-location app that gives users access to time-sensitive deals, events and promotions in the capital.

Trovi London is a geo-location app that instantly gives the user access to some of the capitals best kept secrets. The focus of the app is on offering its users exclusive time-sensitive deals, events and promotions based on their immediate surroundings. By using the in-built Google map, the user is able to navigate around the city finding hidden gems and previously undiscovered places of interest, thus changing the way they interact with the city.

Bristol-based software development agency Content Hub asked us to assist in taking the concept of the app and deliver the identity, icon design and user interface design for this innovative new app. Working with Content Hub we developed a logotype and icon based around the idea of a squirrel and an acorn. We worked up a narrative where the red squirrel would find hidden acorns around the city, meant to represent the hidden gems that could be found through using the main functionality of the app.

We’ve worked with Fiasco design in the past and felt that this project was definitely suited to their skill-sets and ability to create the type of brand we were looking for. The end result is a brand that has presence and appealRussell Perry, Marketing Manager at Content Hub

For the user interface design we were allocated a tight turnaround time of just two weeks to conceptualise and complete the look and feel of the entire app interface. Working round the clock, we created the main navigation, secondary navigation, sub menu’s, map elements and pins to be used across 14 different screens. The look and feel of the apps interface needed to tie in with the brand we’d previously constructed and forced us to create a strict style guide from which each design could be screened against.

Being granted creative freedom over the identity and user interface design, we were able to push the boundaries past what we’d normally be able to achieve. We were able to offer a set of visually rich designs, whilst staying close to the original scoping document we were provided with. Still in it’s infancy, we hope to see Trovi London go from strength-to-strength and develop into the app we know it can be.

Trovi App
  • Trovi mascot squirrel design

    Development of the Trovi London app icon.

  • Trovi App Icons

    Final icon designs put forward to the client. The red squirrel on the far left was the design that was taken forward.

  • Logo Design Bristol

    Part of the development work undertaken to produce the Trovi typelogo.

  • Trovi Logo

    Final Trovi master brand.

  • App Design

    Initial concepts and development of map elements and main navigation menu icons for the app interface.

  • Trovi App Design

    Final map elements/pins which represente Events and Promotions promoted through the app.

  • Trovi App

    Final logo design and launch screen of app.

  • Trovi Interface

    Trovi London is a geo-locational app that instantly gives the user access to some of the capitals best kept secrets through promotions and features.

  • Trovi Interface

    Log-in and Map Event/Promotion sub menu page.

  • Trovi Interface

    Filter and Wallet sub menu pages.

  • Trovi Interface

    Explore/Search window.