Tobacco Factory Theatres

Identity design for award-winning Bristol theatre

We were commissioned to redesign the visual identity for Tobacco Factory Theatres, which included a custom made typeface, logo design, stationary, season brochure and signage.

Tobacco Factory Theatres has forged an inspirational path to becoming one of the country’s most respected venues in just over 10 years. The diversity of the programme, which includes theatre, puppetry, classical Shakespeare, new writing and devised plays, dance and comedy, combined with the astonishing average attendance capacity of 84%, make it one of the most well-attended and popular theatres in the country. As well as hosting shows and performances, Tobacco Factory Theatres are also involved heavily in the community, working with and running events for young people.

In January 2015, Tobacco Factory Theatres commissioned us to redesign their visual identity, which included a complete overhaul of their entire brand system. They required a more modern, flexible identity, distinguishing the organisation from it’s partners, while establishing it’s creative excellence and maintaining sense of heritage. We spent a number of weeks talking to key stakeholders and members of staff at Tobacco Factory Theatres, as well as researching and developing ideas around what the new identity should look like and the values it should communicate.

In response to this initial research period, we created a brand book which had a single organising thought at the centre of it: ‘Creativity rooted in tradition’. We used this as a jumping off point for the design process and our design decisions were influenced by this simple mantra.

Building on themes such as assembly, collectivism and diversity we designed a custom display typeface – Assembly – with two weights: Outline & Regular. The font was born from the idea that the total effectiveness of the whole organisation is made up by it’s various different shows and activities within the local community. The individual shapes that are used to make up the letterforms represent the collective nature of the organisation.

Assembly has been used throughout Tobacco Factory Theatre’s new identity, from use within the logotype to stationary, building signage and other printed applications. Subsequently we’ve created an ever expanding visual system, that is both flexible and scalable in terms of application; something which is essential for an organisation involved in so many different programmes and events.

It’s been fantastic working with the dedicated Fiasco Design team on our visual rebrand. They brought fresh, enthusiastic eyes to the brief and have immersed themselves in Tobacco Factory Theatres, getting to know the organisation and what it represents. We’re delighted with the results.Becky Cresswell, Marketing Manager at Tobacco Factory Theatres

Tobacco Factory Theatres stationary
  • Tobacco Factory Theatres

    Tobacco Factory Theatres logotype created using a custom made typeface 'Assembly Outline'

  • Assembly Outline typeface

    Assembly Outline is a custom made, fully licensed typeface, created specifically for Tobacco Factory Theatres

  • Assembly Typeface

    Assembly - Regular was created to accompany the 'Outline' version both digitally and in printed form. There is also a secondary version of the logo that utilises the Regular typeface.

  • Business card design

  • May - August season brochure

  • Spreads from the May - August season brochure

  • Stairwell wayfinding signage

  • Interior signage behind the main bar

  • Close-up of hallway wall graphic