Twitter Olympics

We have been hooked on the Olympics here at Fiasco. We did our best to keep up with the athletes, not just on the track but on Twitter too.

Stories of trolling abounded as athletes still fresh from the track were thanking their Twitter followers. It was this sporting @ttitude that caught our attention and so we made a handy infographic to help tell the story of the Twitter Olympics all in one place – the good, the bad and the trollish.

The social networks have been kind to us too:

On Facebook we received 28 new Likes, reaching over 4000 people.

Brand Republic also shared our graphic to their 98,613 Followers. Bringing over 40 new followers in just one day. featured our infographic on their front page accruing (at the time of writing) 471 views and over 130 shares on


The infographic was also featured on blog sites such as Creative Bloq, The Wall and The Drum.

At the time of writing our Twitter Olympics Infographic has been shared/retweeted at least 530 times, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Needless to say we’re pretty happy with how it’s been received.


Olympic infographic